The Distributed and Intelligent Computing Environments (DICE) Laboratory at RHUL carries out research that spans theoretical and practical studies of complex applications by combining distributed systems techniques, intelligent agent models, and automated reasoning using computational logic. The resulting research enables the deployment of multi-agent systems that can be embedded in physical and social environments to support what people do at home, at work or while on the move. There is a particular focus on logic-based reasoning, machine learning, and on the representation of interaction, agent communication, agent programming languages and organisational structures.

Application areas of interest include:

  • Ambient and Ubiquitous Computing;   
  • Service Grids;
  • Semantic Web Services;
  • Virtual Organisations;
  • E-Health;
  • Intelligent Transport Systems;
  • Smart Grids;   
  • Computer Games. 

Our principal objective is to create and develop an interdisciplinary research environment, supported by strong research funding and industry collaborations.

New Project on Trusted Computing

2012-01-26 21:54:55

Our lab will participate in a new project, funded by DSTL/CDE, on Trustworthy Digital Systems and develop a Distributed Services Architecture with PB Partnership Ltd.

New Positions

2011-09-15 14:09:56

One new position for a Post-doctoral Research Associate is available within the context of the COMMODITY12 project. For more information visit the vacancies section.

New FP7 E-Health Project

2011-09-08 17:14:55

Our lab will participate in a new EU project, called COMMODITY12, to build a multi-layered and multi-parametric infrastructure for continuous  analysis and monitoring of diabetes type 1 and 2 patients ... see our projects section for more.